About Us

Sanna with Plaudite Night Sky

About the breeder:

I am Sanna Wåg (I took my mother's maiden name in January 2008, I was previously known as Sanna Ikäheimo) and I live in Kiuruvesi with my husband Pertti, our son Hugo, our daughter Linda and our 6 dogs. These 6 keep me very active, I don't have any problems in spending time after work  ;)

I work as CEO in our company Luuripaja, owned together with my husband. CEO in small company means working also as salesperson, cashier, account manager, storage worker, cleaning lady etc. - everything what it takes to run a business.

I have completed basic and advanced courses for breeders of Finnish Kennel Club. I have also completed courses of Finnish Working Dog Association; "koirankouluttajakurssi" and "koetoimitsija 1 & 2".

Prefix Tiger's Chaos was confirmed by FCI in January 2002, just some weeks after the first litter (Special) was born. Since then there has been 16 more whippet litters: Xtra-pups were born in February 2004, Supa-pups in March 2005, This-puppy in December 2006, All-pups in August 2007, No-pups in November 2009, H-litter in March 2010, Oh-litter in March 2011, Catch-puppy in January 2012, Call-pups in April 2012, Rock-litter in November 2012, Break-litter in March 2013, Epic-litter in February 2014, Never-litter in October 2015, My-litter in April 2016, Come-litter in October 2016 & I-litter in March 2017.

I am a member of:

* Suomen Kennelliitto - Finnish Kennelclub
* Whippet-Harrastajat - The Finnish Whippet Club
* SuKoKa - Finnish Dog Breeders Club
* Finnish Bullmastiff & Mastiff Association

My goal is to breed healthy whippets with nice characters for showing, lure coursing and of course to be much loved pets.

Please don't hesitate to contact me, there is always time to chat about dogs!  ;)